About Vova Fruck



Vladimir was born in Moscow, Russia, where he currently lives and creates. Everyone in his family loved knitting, from his grandmother to his sister, and Vladimir learnt the craft from them at a tender age of 5. He started making female fashion accessories in 2011, while working full time at a bank. One night he just came home and made a necklace for his wife, and then her sister wanted one, and the mother-on-law, and their friends, and so on...  What started as a simple hobby grew into a full-time passion and business for Vladimir. Since then, his works have grown in popularity in Russia and have been featured by local celebrities – singers and TV stars. Each necklace is 100% made by Vladimir himself with all his love and passion for the beauty.

In 2015 Vladimir decided to bring his creations to the women outside of Russia; he is collaborating with partners based in San Francisco, CA. They had a successful Kickstarter campaign in December, 2015 (click HERE to see the campaign) and raised $3560.

Vladimir loves to travel and he often gets his inspiration from the places he visits and people he meets. His dream is for every woman in the world to own one of his pieces.

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All of the products under the Vova Fruck brand are handmade by the designer.  Each model is meticulously put together, using only the highest-quality Russian-made top-grade yarn, precious and semi-precious stones and metals, corals, beads, which are sourced from all over the world. All of the materials that go into Vladimir's products are personally selected by the designer. Vladimir loves to use traditional Russian elements like Matryoshkas (nesting dolls) in his necklaces. All the matryoshkas are hand-made and hand-painted by the craftsmen in Tula, Russia.